Trail Guide for Facebook – Tips and Tricks

Trail guideFacebook is constantly changing, but in recent talks with them, it’s apparent that some things are working better than others.

  1. Be Social – Tag other pages, share other people’s content, like other pages and get comfortable using your page like a profile on Facebook. When you do take the time to post, nurture comments and discussion on the post.
  2. Post More Video -Videos are doing well on Facebook’s algorithm right now, and our videos of wildlife would be no exception. Please encourage the use of the *USFWS logo on the video and captioning if there are any words spoken*. Whatever video that’s taken on Facebook should also be posted to our Youtube account so that we make the content as accessible as possible.
  3. Post Often – Quality should come before quantity, but posting often gives you more of a chance to reach more people.
  4. Play with the Platform – Sometimes text heavy posts perform well but if there’s a call to action, keep things short. The best advice is to play with the platform and strive to be different.
  5. Consider Driving Traffic to Our Site – Instead of creating Facebook events- why not share a link to the place to register on our website? Don discussed the benefits of making it easy for people and sending them where we want them to go on our site.
  6. Learn More About Your Audience – Good social media means knowing your audience, and Facebook allows you to do so even using the ad manager even if you aren’t creating an ad. First, go here, then make sure under  “People Connected” make sure you’ve selected the page you want to know more about. Otherwise you can use this link to analyze Facebook’s user base.
  7. Merge Duplicate Pages- It has been available to us for some time to merge pages, recognizing that you lose things from the page you merge into the other.

When Posting Images…

  • Use Square Photos – The images from Facebook show up better as a landscape rather than portrait style (Around 940px by 788px)
  • With Graphics, Use Less than 20% Text – Text heavy images get ignored by users, so just be sure to follow the rule of using less text.
  • Upload Multiple Images – Instead of creating an album on Facebook, Facebook suggested uploading multiple images as a good technique. *Just please encourage a credit by any field staff so we have proper documentation*.** For USFWS staff

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