Exploring the Social Media Ecosystem

When you explore a new place, how do you process the new information? Whether I’m hiking a new trail, observing a stream or exploring a new social media site, I’ve noticed I behave similarly and try to react to my surroundings.  I try to find my “niche” even if it’s as a quiet observer.

I tackle new situations by:

  • Listening
  • Asking/Documenting Questions
  • Experimenting
  • Creating
  • Assessing and Analyzing

I used this chart in a recent presentation to explain how I break down my time on social media.

I want to continue recording my experiences online and improve at capturing data so that others can learn quickly, what has taken me time to figure out.

I recently presented (the presentation below) to National Wildlife Federation’s social media users. It was a ton of information in a short time, but I’m hopeful that we can continue to tweak how we measure our success and map out future outreach and relationship building. I love that online allows us to connect with wildlife enthusiasts far and wide.

When you explore…what questions do you ask? How do you keep track of the information?

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