Nature and Wildlife Google+ Brand Pages

With the addition of Google+ brand pages, I’ve noticed  a number of awesome  environmental, outdoor and wildlife brand pages. I couldn’t resist sharing them.

I decided I would create a useful Nature and Wildlife Circle on Google+  that includes many of the environmental groups you can follow. I’d love to aggregate a number of them, so if you’re on Google+ and I haven’t included you– please let me know by commenting with your page link below.

There are some fantastic blog posts out there that are discussing how nonprofits are using Google+ brand pages as well as how Google+ can improve the experience for brand managers. I think this is an exciting time to be a part of the community! So please join us and let’s bring the wildlife to Google+!.

I’ve insisted that the benefits for being early to a new site are to get a chance to talk to other curious, early-adopters. By joining now, it allows you to take the time to get to know the space and the etiquette that’s expected. It’s been interesting to spend time talking and commenting on Google+ while it’s still pretty empty and the conversations are still very meaningful. So join us now and let’s “hang out”!

7 thoughts on “Nature and Wildlife Google+ Brand Pages

  1. Have you got Dorset Wildlife Trust in your Google+ circle? and me if you still have space… Jane Adams (from Corfe Mullen, UK). Great article!

  2. Same here – excited to find another geek interested in wildlife… and a woman! Yay! Thanks for subscribing to my blog (used it a lot for 3 years… but now tend to use Flickr, twitter and FB more – and now G+). Always looking for new ways to help promote wildlife organisations – I work for 4 here in the UK.

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