Nature App: Identify Clouds and Predict the Weather

I’m no stranger to writing about mobile applications.  I think your mobile phone can serve as equal parts magnify glass and field guide when used properly. There’s something fascinating about discovering, documenting, and sharing an outdoor experience with handheld technology. Now you can even keep your head in the clouds (and know what types they are!)

Last fall, I took a fascinating class through the Audubon Naturalist Society that focused on weather and climate. Needless to say I’ve been preoccupied with meteorology and looking at the sky ever since.  I care a lot more than I ever have about humidity and high and low pressure systems.

For anyone who is a fan of clouds or sky gazing, this application could be an impressive addition to your nature apps collection for just $1.99. I am not one to gush about a product, but I admire the design and the content. It’s not like every other field guide app, it takes you on a visual cloud journey, and I appreciate that.

Do you look at the clouds? What’s your favorite type? I like altocumulus.

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