Fall Migration Includes Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Content

Monarchs are MigratingMany species depend on migration because it is  imperative for their continued survival. Humans migrate, birds migrate, butterflies migrate, mammals besides humans migrate, data migrates  — it’s all so overwhelming.  While Fall migration is wrapping up at the end of this month, in my area there are still a few bird species migrating, as well as monarch butterflies — oh and not to mention NWF’s Web team. They have turned into migrating machines (migrating 4,000+ pages of our website that is!).

Phenology has captivated me since I learned about it in school, and while migrating content may not seem relevant to nature’s time schedule and the necessary journeys some animals take during a changing season, I can’t help but see the similarities. I love that NWF is moving our content and resources to a safer place, more accessible so that it can survive and rejuvenate easier. I am excited about learning a new system or tool, and mostly I’m excited that by the next time the butterflies and birds return, NWF will have a new home for its content!

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