Google Bundles for Nature Lovers

Being an avid news-junkie, loving RSS feeds (RSS = Real Simple Syndication) that make staying up to date on key issues easy and amusing comes with the territory. I love them so much that I sometimes get carried away and I overpopulate my Google Reader. I subscribe to everything from nonprofit technology bloggers to key science feeds that update so frequently I could be checking them every minute and they would still have content for me to read.

I also use Google Reader to monitor NWF’s mentions and it was when Google first launched “Bundles” that I though perhaps this an excellent way for people sharing and trading information through blogs, sites and search terms they follow.

Google Bundles Allow for Easy Feed Sharing

What I found was really interesting! Google bundles are something that anyone with a Reader account can create, and they make sharing information about your organization, cause or focus much more accessible.

Here’s how you create a Google Bundle.

  • Go to your Google Reader Account
  • Click on Browse for Stuff (left-hand navigation)
  • Once you click “create” you are set to start naming your bundle and dragging and dropping the feeds of your choice.

The real reason I’m telling you how to do this? So that you can help me compile a great list of nature blogs! I’ll add my public feeds here and please write your bundles in the comments and I’ll add them to my list.

My Google Bundles:

What are your bundles? Share with us!

(If you don’t believe I really love feeds… here’s presentation from a recent webinar!)

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