Twitter Users Help Honey Bees With NWF

This week NWF’s twitter feed has been busy as a beefor the bees! All because Häagen-Dazs® teamed up with Twitcause and challenged twitter users to tweet #helphoneybees.  For a dollar a tweet –the hashtag, #helphoneybees, will benefit bee research ($1,000 dollar limit each day).  We’ve been helping them reach their goal while also spreading the word through social media sites because of the importance of research.

Below is a neat show of how many people tweeted the link to our wildlife promise blog as well as how many people tweeted with the hashtag! Very cool to see people rallying for the bees!

NWF on Topsy

I especially want to thank the people who tweeted an extensive amount! And all the rest of you who helped spread the word.